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My name is Inui from the Asto Detective Agency. Thank you.


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Please see the current situation in Japan.



Lottery Dream Hall


Naniwa Ward, Osaka City


We will explain about the lottery dream hall assuming that the daily detective fee is 39.800 yen (our company fee) for 3 hours of investigation. Lottery Dream Kan is located at 1-4-1 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka. Located on the 1st floor of OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal). This time, we conducted a survey to let people all over the world know about the “Lottery Dream Kan”.


Osaka City Terminal (OCAT) is a transportation terminal that provides public transportation to a wide area centered on Osaka city. The Lottery Dream Hall is a facility that provides a variety of information about lotteries, and is a must-see for those who aim to win the lottery of their dreams.


The Lottery Dream Hall displays a variety of lottery information. For example, past lottery winning numbers, prize amounts, and lottery history are introduced. In addition, you can get various knowledge about lotteries, such as information you want to know before buying a lottery ticket and life after winning the lottery.




survey point


Tanashicho 5-chome



I will explain the survey points of the lottery dream hall. Is public lottery dream hall open to the general public? How much is the entrance fee? What kind of system is in place? What are the exhibits and publications like? Accurately investigate the current situation.


Lottery-related events and campaigns are also held at the Lottery Dream Hall. For example, there are “advance trial sessions” where you can try drawing lottery tickets before new lottery products go on sale, and “gift campaigns” where you can win gorgeous prizes by lottery. Attending these events will give you a better understanding of the lottery and give you a better chance of winning.


You can also buy lottery tickets at the Lottery Dream Hall. In addition to buying lottery tickets in stores, you can also buy lottery tickets online. In addition, you can feel free to ask the staff any questions or concerns you may have about the lottery.


investigation report



Regarding the lottery dream hall, I will report that I have been investigating assuming that the detective fee for one day is 39.800 yen (our company fee) for 3 hours. Admission to the Lottery Dream Hall was free. However, if there is no abnormality after taking the temperature, it is possible to enter. I entered according to the instructions of the female staff.


Photography is prohibited inside the Lottery Dream Hall. This time, I received special permission only for photography. If you want to take pictures, please ask the staff for permission. Please refrain from doing things that cause trouble. As long as you clearly state the purpose of use, it is OK.


“Lotto Dream Hall” is a convenient place for people who are interested in lottery to gather information and purchase tickets. Not only can you easily find out information about various lotteries, but by participating in events and campaigns, you may get a chance to get closer to winning, so be sure to visit once before purchasing a lottery ticket. recommend.


In addition to the lottery, there are various shops and restaurants in OCAT, making it a very convenient place for transportation. It is also used as a base for sightseeing in Osaka, so it is a recommended spot for tourists.


Lottery Dream Hall is a public lottery information center located in Osaka City Terminal (OCAT). Not only can you improve your lottery knowledge, but you can also get a chance to get closer to winning. If you are aiming to win the lottery of your dreams, why not visit once?



thank you very much.



所在地 〒540-0025 大阪市中央区徳井町2-2-14徳井ビル303

Location 〒540-0025 Tokui Building 303, 2-2-14 Tokuicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

電話番号 06-6809-5214 FAX番号 06-6809-5216

フリーダイヤル 0120-044-322

メール info@astotantei.com

公安委員会 第62130955号


Important matter manual


Public Safety Commission


No. 62130955


The Asto Detective Agency has been officially licensed to operate as a detective agency by the Public Safety Commission. You can receive consultations and requests from people all over Japan. Infidelity investigation, background investigation, behavior investigation, background investigation, personal background investigation, marriage investigation, personality investigation, credit investigation, workplace investigation, whereabouts investigation, person search, address identification investigation, detection of wiretap/camera device, stalker investigation, We can conduct bullying investigations and trouble investigations.