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My name is Inui from the Asto Detective Agency. Thank you.


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Please see the current situation in Japan.



Hiranocho 4-chome


Chuo Ward, Osaka City

平野町四丁目について、探偵1日料金を3時間調査39.800円(当社料金)と仮定して説明していきます。平野町四丁目は、大阪市中央区の中心部に位置しております。エリア内には、大阪ガスビルディング南館大阪府結核予防会 大阪総合健診センターがあります。エリア内を細かく調査してきましたので、こちらに来られる用事がありましたら参考にしていただきたいと思います。

I will explain about Hiranocho 4-chome, assuming that the detective one-day fee is 39.800 yen (our fee) for a 3-hour investigation. Hiranocho 4-chome is located in the center of Chuo-ku, Osaka. In the area, there are the Osaka Gas Building South Building and the Osaka General Health Checkup Center of the Osaka Prefectural Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. We have investigated the area in detail, so if you have any errands that you can come here, please refer to it.


平野町(大阪市)- Wikipedia


survey point


Hiranocho 4-chome



I will explain the survey points of Hirano-cho 4-chome. What is going on with Hiranocho 4-chome? Accurately investigate the current situation. As a survey point, what about access to the area? It is mainly restaurants, shops, offices, public facilities, vacation spots, sightseeing spots, etc. in the area.



investigation report



We would like to report that we have investigated the area around Hirano-cho 4-chome, assuming that the detective one-day fee is 39.800 yen (our fee) for a 3-hour investigation. Hiranocho 4-chome has doggy-like terrain, and I’m still trying to jump over the Hanshin Expressway (loop line) that runs on the west side.

平野町四丁目の歴史について、1872年明治5年)まで、現在の3丁目と4丁目のうち心斎橋筋 – 御堂筋間は善左衛門町、御堂筋以西は亀井町、西横堀川沿いは七郎右衛門町2丁目という町名でした。1962年昭和37年)に埋め立てられた西横堀川には京町橋が架橋されてました。

Regarding the history of Hirano-cho 4-chome, until 1872 (Meiji 5), the current 3-chome and 4-chome between Shinsaibashi-suji and Midosuji was Zenzaemoncho, west of Midosuji was Kameicho, and along the Nishi-Yokobori River was Shichiroemoncho 2-chome. The Nishi-Yokobori River, which was reclaimed in 1962 (Showa 37), was crossed by the Kyomachi Bridge.


Regarding the origin of the name “Hirano” in the fourth eye of Hirano-cho, it is said that the deity of the Goryo Shrine in Awaji Town, which is adjacent to the west, was Prince Sawara, who was from the Baekje clan, and the Hirano Shrine in Kyoto enshrines the Baekje clan, so it was named Hirano-cho.


As for the housing situation in Hirano-cho 4-chome, according to the Real Estate Archive, there are rental properties such as S-Cute Hirano-cho, Luange Yodoyabashi, and Avenue Yodoyabashi1. However, if you are looking for more information, we recommend that you contact your real estate agency.


As for the rent market price of S-Cute Hirano Town, according to the Real Estate Archive, there are properties such as 1K / rent 67,000 yen / 2nd floor / 31.47㎡ and 1K / rent 70,000 yen / 9th floor / 31.47㎡


As for the security and environment of Hirano-cho 4-chome, it is integrated with the business district, and it is an area mainly composed of condominiums. Therefore, it is said that the security of the surrounding area is relatively good. However, there are few people at night, so you need to be careful.


There are restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets KOHYODOYABASHI in the surrounding area. In addition, it is located along the Midosuji Subway Line, and is considered to be highly convenient for living.


The Osaka Gas Building South Building, located in Hirano-cho 4-chome, consists of the South Building, built in 1933, and the North Building, which was expanded in 1966. The South Building was built as the headquarters building of Osaka Gas at the time, and was requisitioned by GHQ after the war, but was returned in 1952. The South Building is designated as a registered tangible cultural property and is popular as a landmark of Midosuji.

大阪府結核予防会 大阪総合健診センターでは、人間ドックを実施しています。年間の受診者数は、一日ドックが約16,000人(継続受診率69.8%)、その他の健診が約120,000人であるそうです。また、大阪府結核予防会では、結核を主とし、呼吸器疾患の予防その他呼吸器疾患対策、生活習慣病の予防その他生活習慣病対策とその他の疾病の予防および治療に関する事業を行っています。

The Osaka Health Checkup Center of the Osaka Prefectural Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis conducts complete medical checkups. The annual number of people who undergo medical examinations is about 16,000 for daily checkups (69.8% of the continuous consultation rate) and about 120,000 for other health checkups. In addition, the Osaka Prefectural Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis conducts projects related to the prevention of respiratory diseases and other respiratory disease countermeasures, the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and other lifestyle-related diseases, and the prevention and treatment of other diseases, mainly for tuberculosis.


For reference, if you want to know the culture, sports, lifelong learning facilities and sightseeing spots around the area, please visit the Osaka City official website.


Finally, we will talk about parking and access. There are plenty of coin-operated parking lots. The nearest stations are Yodoyabashi Subway Station and Honmachi Subway Station. Both are a 15-minute walk away. When you come to Osaka, I would like you to visit us.



thank you very much.



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Location 〒540-0025 Tokui Building 303, 2-2-14 Tokuicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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The Asto Detective Agency has been officially licensed to operate as a detective agency by the Public Safety Commission. You can receive consultations and requests from people all over Japan. Infidelity investigation, background investigation, behavior investigation, background investigation, personal background investigation, marriage investigation, personality investigation, credit investigation, workplace investigation, whereabouts investigation, person search, address identification investigation, detection of wiretap/camera device, stalker investigation, We can conduct bullying investigations and trouble investigations.