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Uzumotocho 1-chome


Nishi Ward, Osaka City


I will explain about Uzumotocho 1-chome, assuming that the detective one-day fee is 39.800 yen (our fee) for a 3-hour investigation. Uzumotomachi 1-chome is a place name located in Nishi-ku, Osaka. Immediately to the west is Utsuboto 2-chome, where Utsubo Park is located, and to the west of it is Utsuboto 3-chome. It is a long area from east to west.


靱本町(大阪市)- Wikipedia


survey point


Uzumotocho 1-chome



I will explain the survey points of Utsubocho 1-chome. What is going on in Uzumotocho 1-chome? Accurately investigate the current situation. As a survey point, what about access to the area? It is mainly restaurants, shops, offices, public facilities, vacation spots, sightseeing spots, etc. in the area.



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We would like to report that we have investigated Uzumotocho 1-chome assuming that the detective one-day fee is 39.800 yen (our fee) for a 3-hour investigation. Uzumotocho 1-chome is lined with many residential and commercial facilities. In addition, since Utsubo Park is nearby, you can enjoy the rich natural environment.


Regarding the origin of the name “Utsubo Honcho”, it is said that it was called “Utsubo Honmachi” in the Edo period. Later, in the Meiji era, when the place name of Osaka City was changed, it is said that it was changed to “Utsuboto Town” from the name of “Usagi Zaemon”, who was the mayor at that time.


Utsubo Park is a general park located in Uzumotocho, Nishi-ku, Osaka. The total area is about 9.7 ha, and it has an elongated shape of about 800 m from east to west and about 150 m from north to south. It is divided into “East Garden” and “West Garden” according to Naniwasuji that runs north-south through the center.


The park has a rose garden, tennis courts, a baseball field, and playground equipment. In addition, there are many literary monuments and historical stone monuments in the park, and the promenade continues among the rich trees, so it is recommended for walking and jogging.


In the area around Usubohoncho 1-chome, there are supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc., and all the facilities necessary for daily life. Utsubo Park is also nearby, making it a suitable environment for raising children.

靱本町一丁目の歴史については、江戸時代の町名は、京町堀1 – 5丁目の京町堀川以南・南浜町・剣先町・瀬戸物町・新天満町・新靱町・油掛町・信濃町・海部堀川町・敷屋町・海部町・岡崎町となっていたそうです。

As for the history of Tsuzumotocho 1-chome, it seems that the town names in the Edo period were Kyomachibori 1-5-chome south of Kyomachi Horikawa, Minamihama Town, Kensaki Town, Setomono Town, Shintenma Town, Shin Tsuzu Town, Aburakake Town, Shinano Town, Kaifu Horikawa Town, Shikiya Town, Kaifu Town, and Okazaki Town.

1871年に京町堀1 – 5丁目の京町堀川以南を南京町堀1 – 3丁目に改編され、翌1872年に靱北通1 – 4丁目・靱上通1 – 3丁目・靱中通1 – 3丁目・靱下通1 – 2丁目・靱南通1 – 5丁目に改編されました。そして、1961年に北半を靱1 – 4丁目、南半を靱本町1 – 4丁目に改編されたそうです。

In 1871, Kyomachibori 1-5-chome south of Kyomachi Horikawa was reorganized into Nankinmachibori 1-3-chome, and the following year in 1872, it was reorganized into Utsubokudori 1-4-chome, Tsuzuka-dori 1-3-chome, Utsunakadori 1-3-chome, Utsubashitori 1-2-chome, and Utsunan-dori 1-5-chome. Then, in 1961, the northern half was reorganized into Utsubo 1-4-chome, and the southern half was reorganized into Utsubo Honcho 1-4-chome.


Regarding the rent of Tsuzumotocho 1-chome, the market rent for rental properties in Uzumotocho 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka City starts from about 50,000 yen for 1K and about 70,000 yen for 2LDK. However, the rent may vary depending on the property, so if you are looking for a specific property, we recommend that you contact a real estate company.


For reference, if you want to know the culture, sports, lifelong learning facilities and sightseeing spots around the area, please visit the Osaka City official website.


Finally, we will talk about parking and access. There are plenty of coin-operated parking lots. The nearest station is Honmachi Subway Station. It is a 5-minute walk to the north. When you come to Osaka, I would like you to visit us.



thank you very much.



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